Testing For UTI At Home

The most effective method to utilize a pee test strip.

Here is the means by which you can utilize a home urinalysis test strip to help analyze on the off chance that you have an UTI.

What is a home urinalysis test strip?

Utilizing a home urinalysis stick you can help check on the off chance that you have an UTI. It is a portion of paper that changes shading on the off chance that you have certain things in your pee. We need you to do one that is searching for leukocytes (white platelets) and nitrites (bacterial side-effects).

These are generally accessible over the counter in drug stores and ought to be under $10. The brand Azo makes one of the most prevalent alternatives.

How does the home pee test strip work?

You get your pee in a cup and plunge the test strip in. The case shows to what extent to hold up until you read the outcomes. Look at the shade of the two test boxes to the guide on the container and message your outcomes to us! Here is what the guide as a rule resembles for most test strips.

home uti testFor what reason do we ask a pee test strip?

At times it can assist us with ensuring that your side effects are being brought about by an UTI.

For instance, in the event that you drank a ton of caffeine here and there it can make you have an inclination that you need to pee a great deal, yet in the event that you do a test strip it will be negative in light of the fact that there are no bacterial results (nitrites) or white platelets (leukocytes) in your pee. All things considered anti-toxins wouldn’t be the correct treatment since is anything but a bacterial UTI.

In any case, if the test strip shows that you do have bacterial results (nitrites) or white platelets (leukocytes) in your pee then we can be substantially more sure it’s an UTI.

For what reason do we request a test strip after an UTI?

Now and again after an UTI the bladder can in any case be bothered, particularly in the wake of drinking liquor and caffeine. On the off chance that it’s been not exactly a few months since your last UTI, it’s extremely useful to do an at-home UTI test to check whether it would appear that there is proceeded with disease.

test uti at homeThis test can be useful for us. We need to get your the correct treatment however would prefer not to open you to superfluous anti-microbials. On the off chance that it is negative it reveals to us that it probably won’t be an UTI, and that it could be something different going on.